Weapon Customization

Weapons, armor, and shields are instead customized via Savage Armory.

You may also take the Exotic Weapon Proficiency and Armor Proficiency edges from Savage Armory. If you want, you can just use the premade list of equipment at the end of the PDF (sans the wands, Katana, and Wakazashi).

If it makes sense for your character, you can take the Magical Heirloom edge and we can come up with something together (this includes if you want to use a wand).

Significant Items

We’ll also be using the Significant Item rule for encumbrance (see page 5 for Encumbrance in the Savage Armory)

Savage Armory Changes

You should note the following changes / clarifications while perusing the PDF:

  • You may spend no more than 8 points on positive abilities (or 11 if it’s Exotic). GM-designed items do not have this restriction.
  • Strength requirements still exist for weapons (use the weapon’s damage die).
  • There are no gunpowder weapons.
  • You cannot use the Expensive and Masterwork negative abilities. Such equipment are rare and hard to come by (and may only be presented as options by the GM). If you want to use a katana or wakazashi, consider rebuilding them with the Exotic ability (see Exotic Weapons).
  • No Raise Die is instead a -2 negative ability.


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